3 Stealthy Ways to Power-Up Your Contact Forms


When it comes to lead generation, you need the funnel to be as slick as possible… With no leaks and no stops on the way to conversion. My friends over at Singlehop have created an infographic that gives three sneaky ways to get your funnel in shape. Reduce the number of fields. Build trust. Improve […]

5 Customer Support Tips For Better Conversions

"Q&A" keys on keyboard

How often do you put off vital business growing tasks—like advertising or new product development—only to spend the time buried in customer support issues? A few questions here, a few concerns there, and before you know it, the day is over and you’ve done nothing to grow your business… Don’t fret. There’s a way you […]

Marketing for Sales: 7 Fixes to Help You Close the Deal

hammer and nails on top of a tree stump

The bottom line of marketing IS the bottom line. Sure, you want to build a relationship with your customers but you also want to make some money, right? If you want to close the deal and encourage customers to buy, then start by fixing these seven areas. Image credit: Howard Dickins 1. Upgrade Your Website […]

Marketing Automation: How to Talk 1-on-1 With Your Prospects

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Late last summer, I was having lunch with my friend Chris. He’s a world-class SEO guy who literally tests out dozens of different tools, platforms and software packages a month looking for the true gems that can give his clients a leg up on the competition. So when he started telling me about one of […]

How To Add 80%+ To Your Bottom Line Without Adding New Customers

Profits Ahead

Here’s an intriguing question. What if you could increase your bottom line revenue this year by 80% or more… … without adding any more customers than you’re already getting? You might be looking at that, thinking it’s some kind of marketing gimmick. Maybe you think it’s simply not possible. Maybe you’ll keep reading just to […]

January’s Best: Favorites in Analytics, Conversion, and Copywriting


The first month of the year has come and gone. Yikes! Is anybody else wishing that time would just slow down so we could fully embrace life’s wonderful moments? Pretty soon, the holidays are going to happen all over again. You deserve a break to reflect on all the great things you accomplished this month, so […]