7 Tips for Writing Effective Short Copy

Short Copy

Long copy versus short copy… which converts better? The answer is often debated, but there’s only one truth when it comes to copy length. It depends. Depending on your product, target market, advertising medium, goals of your copy, and a million other factors, the length that’s most effective will vary. Here are some examples: Price: […]

Can Social Data be an alternative to Third-Party Cookies?

Oil Pump Under Hot Sky

Cookies, the tiny bits of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser is at the core of the digital advertisement industry. The way it works is this: Every time you visit a website, your web-browser sends the cookie information back to the server, notifying them of your browsing patterns. This […]

Let Customers Do Your Marketing & Other Cool Uses for Testimonials

Dutch soccer supprter with plastic vuvuzela

Is your website missing a KEY ingredient to unlocking higher sales? Many websites do—and don’t even realize it. If you guessed testimonials, you guessed right. Think about it! Do you enjoy reading wordy Web pages full of dry research and statistics? I don’t. It’s… well… boring, to be quite frank. Research is invaluable. Statistics to […]

5 Ancient Persuasion Techniques That Can Rock Your Website Today

Fair tale

What does a 4th century BC philosopher have to do with your e-commerce website? Absolutely everything. Before you let out an impatient sigh of boredom, hear me out. The oracle speaks forth the wisdom of the ages. What you’re about to read is rivetingly relevant, inescapably entrancing, and profoundly profitable. In fact, Aristotle wants you to […]

Is This The Future Of Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

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Not going to lie. 2013 was a hard year for email marketers. Google sent most of us to the Promotions tab, open/click rates apparently have fallen across the board, and many are wondering if email marketing is dying. Now, you could panic like everyone else… Or you can see this as an opportunity to innovate, […]

It’s Time to Get Google+ (14 Tips for 2014)

Getting started with Google+

Sorry, but Google+ isn’t going away. In fact, some might say it’s become inescapable, as the big G busily integrates it into everything. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to use this key network for building your brand. Here are 14 tips that not only help you “get” Google+ but also master it. Image: […]

Is Copy Dead? The Surprising Answer …

Fainted man

Poke around the Internet and you’ll find articles and blogs detailing the death of copy and, much to my chagrin, copywriters. Writing in USA Today, Michael Wolff states: “We just don’t look at advertising, respond to it, or believe it, as much as we once did, wherever it appears. Maybe this is the reason: There […]

4 Easy Steps to Measure Your Social Media ROI

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Okay, so you’ve decided that this is the year you’re going to DOMINATE social media. You’re going to send out messages regularly, be active in your community, and create a pack of raving fans for your brand. After all, 74% of marketers saw an increase in website traffic after spending just six hours per week […]

Your SEO Problems May Have Nothing to Do With Your Website

seo feature

Whether your business is small, big, been around for ages or just starting out, a well-optimized website is one of your best marketing investments. But have you noticed? SEO isn’t always fool proof. Sometimes, no matter how smart your tactics, you simply can’t make it to a page-one ranking in the SERPs. Well here’s the […]