1. Awesome points, thank you

  2. All great points! Something else to consider is your content may not be something people WANT to share. As an example, I have a client who deals with sub-prime financing. All their content revolves around bad credit, bankruptcy, and other things people find shameful to post on their Facebook page. These sort of niche sites aren’t going to have shareable content revolving around their core products. They can create content tangential to their core products that people will trip over themselves to share. We create articles on budgeting, extreme couponing, finding the best deals on everyday expenses, tips and tricks revolving around personal finance, and content along those lines.

    I’ve also had them utilize sites like Storify to create amalgamations of content and include their product page among several stories. Before the holidays I put together one for family travel and included links and resources from across the web regarding family travel, including a link to one of the client’s pages talking about unexpected expenses one might come across while traveling and how their product could help.

    I imagine many companies have products and services no one wants to be directly associated with in terms of sharing but there are ways around it.

    • Sharon Hurley Hall says:

      Excellent points, Sean; thanks for bringing that up and I appreciate you sharing how storytelling tools provide an alternative.

  3. Very thorough and informative post Sharon! You made a great point there; ask people to share your content. Even though it’s common sense, but normally people shy away to ask for social link love.

    Also, few common but useful steps for better social promotion:
    1.Give people a reason to share your content: People like sharing content which can make them look intelligent in the eyes of others, which is hilarious and which can arouse emotions in them especially positive ones. Create content on trending topics as people like sharing it a lot.
    2. Start sharing your content yourself before asking your peers and friends to do that: Normally people don’t like sharing something, which has no share or minimum shares. So make it a point to initiate the sharing yourself.

    Have shared my views on how to make your content more shareable:

  4. Webpages with Infographics attracts maximum shares on social media networks. Try and this will definately work.

    Appreciate your effort Sharon

  5. Hey Sharon,
    Point #6 is something a lot of people look low upon but it has a very high impact. People want to be known for the favor they give. So if your Twitter name is not mentioned, they people who share may never be known by you for sharing your work. This reduces the sharing activity on any article you published.

    Great post

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