Social Proof Meets Storytelling to Build an Awesome Brand

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Conversion optimization is a discipline where art meets science — and the principle of social proof balances both. If your brand is truly awesome, you’ll have people backing you: experts, customers, cheerleaders, celebrities, and more. Those community endorsements funnel back into your business’s bottom line in the form of conversions. In short, word of mouth marketing […]

May’s Best: A Dozen Fresh Perspectives on Analytics, Conversion, and Copywriting

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No excuses — it’s time to catch up on your reading. Grab your tablet, head outside for some sun, and get straight to your much-deserved brain-break. Here are (in this marketer’s opinion) May’s best conversion, analytics, and copywriting articles. Conversion Optimization 1. Conversion Rate Optimization for B2B Post by SiteTuners In the B2B market, mistakes and missed opportunities […]

The Secret to High-Impact Sales Copy (Hint: Your Customers Already Use It)

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I have bad news and good news. First the bad: It doesn’t matter how good your sales copy, it doesn’t really sell. Which means all that work: the well-chosen words, the descriptions, and especially your lists of features and benefits… they aren’t doing the job. Now for the good news: Your customers don’t need a […]

19 Free Presentation Tools to Wow Your Audience


Can you believe it? It’s been more than 25 years since the launch of PowerPoint. In that time, people have both loved and hated it. However you feel about it, most business people need some way to deliver a presentation. The good news is that you’re no longer limited to PowerPoint for this purpose. There […]

Could This New Web Design Trend Be Right for Your Brand?

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Most businesses want a website that gives their company the most credible online presence possible. Which makes sense. Customers are affected by how a company’s website looks in the same way they’re affected by how a salesman dresses. If a salesman’s shirt is untucked and shoelaces are untied, they’re not going to be taken as […]

App Economics & Unbridled Opportunity: a Mobile Marketer Gold Rush?


It’s hard to believe that seven years ago, the app industry didn’t exist. And today? U.S. Consumers spend more than two hours on apps every day The average user has more than 100 apps on their mobile device The apps economy has created more than half a million jobs The apps industry is worth $25 […]

3 Plug ‘N Play Email Templates You Can Use Today

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Over the past 6 articles, I’ve given you more in-depth email marketing information and value than you would normally get in most paid courses. At the time of this writing, this email marketing series has received… 92 comments 621 retweets 113 Google +’s I’ve also received several emails asking about my own email marketing services, […]

Facebook Marketing: From 2,500 to 1 Million Fans in Just Two Years


When you think about appliance businesses, you usually imagine a brick-and-mortar showroom, with rows of bright shining refrigerators, washers and dryers. But that’s not always the case. More and more businesses exist virtually, in the cloud. And while you’d expect these businesses to sell digital solutions, there’s one company that has made its mark selling […]

9 Tools that No Serious Online Writer Should Be Without


When it comes to writing for the web, competition is steadily growing fierce.  We’ve had it drilled into our heads that “content is king” but great content is what gets results. The thing nobody ever tells you, though, is how you are supposed to create all this great content. If you dread staring at a blank screen […]