The Top-30 WordPress Plugins [Infographic]

plug 2

When it comes to functionality and performance, it’s hard to beat a WordPress website. But all that power doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of the plugins you select to solve problems and add features. The challenge, of course, is choosing the right ones. Since you have to choose from a database of more than […]

21 Resources to Help You Rock SlideShare for Marketing


Move over PowerPoint – your day is done! It’s time to make way for SlideShare, the online presentation tool acquired by LinkedIn last year. While many content marketers have been focusing on Twitter and Facebook, using infographics or making flashy presentations with a variety of online tools, there’s one online resource that has quietly gained […]

How to Create a Marketing Campaign like Google (and Surprise and Delight Your Audience)

google-2nd tier page

Google doesn’t just talk about user experience and optimization. It shows us how to do it. The Full Value of Mobile promotion is an outstanding example of new media marketing, content creation  and pure entertainment. So let’s take a close look at Google’s methods to see how you can create something similar. Start with your […]

7 Infographic Topics You Should Avoid


Making infographics is a fine art. Done correctly, they communicate nuanced and complicated ideas in an easy-to-understand format. But as simplistic as infographics appear, they’re actually very complex. Good infographic design is more than just clean layout, eye-catching colors, and good font choice. It’s also about the information itself. Infographics work best when they are […]

March’s Best: A Dozen Fresh Perspectives on Analytics, Conversion, and Copywriting


March flew by, didn’t it? The end of the month probably means that you’re wrapping up your business’s first quarter. In other words, you really need a break. So let’s get  to the good stuff — here are (in this marketer’s opinion) March’s best conversion, analytics, and copywriting articles. Conversion Optimization 1. Make a Big Impact on Your […]