How to Win Customers and Influence your Followers [Infographic]

We’ve all heard the mantra, put your marketing message where your prospects will see it.

But do we take the time to understand our prospects? Or do we make a lot of off-base assumptions?

According to Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report, we may be missing the mark. Take a look at this infographic, revewing the findings in that report.

Click here for the enlarged image.

Social Influencers
Image compliments of MBA in Marketing Degree Guide

Some eye-opening quotes from the report

“Currently, the bulk of brands’ overall digital spend goes to display advertising, search and video, with spending on social, including influencer outreach, making up only 10 percent of their total digital spend.”

Of that 10 percent, “more than half goes to Facebook, followed by YouTube and Twitter, with the remaining 11 percent of their social spend going to blogs and influencers.”

“Blogs are more influential in shaping opinion than Twitter, and when it comes to affecting purchase decisions, more important than Facebook.”

It’s time to rethink social

If the goal is to influence visitors and build relationship with them, we need to prioritize the social activities that are most likely to do the job. You may need to update your marketing game plan.

Granted, every business is different, and only you can decide what works for you. But it’s fair to say that business blogging should probably be a bigger priority.

What’s working for you?

Do Technorati’s finding line up with your experience? What channels are helping you connect with your followers? What tips would you share with us?


Kathryn Aragon is the former editor of The Daily Egg. She trains service-based businesses in the strategic use of content to take their business to the next level. Check it out at Follow her on Twitter and Google+.


  1. Very interesting infographic (and visually pleasing for that matter) , great way to show how to influence your user personas.

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