When You’re Serious About Maximizing ROI, Start Here…

Writing a Great Offer

It’s not a scientific equation but it’s mostly predictable: Deep Digging = High Conversion To help me buttress and augment my theory, I want you to meet someone. I’m currently watching the DVDs of the Gary Bencivenga 100 Seminar (a $5,000 product and worth every penny) that took place in New York City in 2005.  Now retired, […]

The Best Websites In The World Do These 6 Things…


You know a good website when you see it. But what is it exactly that makes it so darn good? Here are six things the best websites in the world do, 1.  The best websites unify the experience To create a strong brand experience visually, web design has to be part of the overall design […]

The Art of the Sales Letter [Infographic]

The Art of the Sales Letter

These masters of persuasion perfected the art of the sales letter starting in the 19th century with copywriters like Robert Collier and Leo Burnett. Along came such greats as Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy and Joe Sugarman to perfect the art of the sales letter. Hear what the masters of persuasion had to say about crafting […]

How To Write A Landing Page For Readers, Scanners and Bottom-Line Viewers


It doesn’t matter how good your offer is, if no one reads it, it can’t convert. That’s why you need to write your landing page for all types of people — readers, scanners and bottom-line viewers. To do this, tell your story in these five places: In the headline and deck (subtitle) In the body In the […]

How We Increased Lead Form Conversions By 35% (The quick and non-techy way)


A/B testing can be costly and frustrating. If you aren’t careful, conversion testing can cost a ton of money and time  — particularly if you don’t have the technical expertise to make changes to your website. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our company, SmartShoot, found a way to increase leads on our website […]

Email Marketing: What’s Working Today


If you’ve heard that “email marketing is dead”… you need to forget everything you’ve heard and pay attention for the next few weeks as I begin my 8-series column on email marketing. Since this is my first post on The Daily Egg, let me introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Reeves.  I’m a direct response […]

How To Use Google Analytics New Attribution Modeling Tool (And how to get it)

Google Analytics Attribution Modeling Tool

One of the knocks on Google Analytics has been the way it handles goal attribution. Translation:  the way that Google Analytics currently gives credit to a conversion (a purchase, a form fill, a donation, etc) can be very misleading. Google Analytics currently attributes credit for a conversion using the Last Interaction Model.  If you want […]

Is Audio The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing? [Infographic]

SingleGrain_Is audio the next big thing in digital marketing_Final (1)

Key Takeaways: Audio content has a distinct advantage:  Audio is “eyes free” content – Tweet this quote Digital radio revenue is growing faster than any other audio channel – Tweet this quote 40% of Americans listened to online radio over the last month – Tweet this quote In 2012, Pandora listeners consumed 935,451 years of audio content – Tweet this […]

6 Battle-Tested Landing Page Leads That Consistently Sell More


Want better results on your landing pages? It may be as simple as selecting the right opening. A few years ago, copywriters Michael Masterson and John Forde began studying record-breaking sales letters to see if there was a hidden formula among them. What they discovered is that it all comes down to the first 100 […]