Is Audio The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing? [Infographic]

Key Takeaways:

  • Audio content has a distinct advantage:  Audio is “eyes free” content – Tweet this quote
  • Digital radio revenue is growing faster than any other audio channel – Tweet this quote
  • 40% of Americans listened to online radio over the last month – Tweet this quote
  • In 2012, Pandora listeners consumed 935,451 years of audio content – Tweet this quote
  • 200+ Million devices running iOS6 are now one click from a podcast – Tweet this quote
  • Slate Magazine gets over 1 million podcast downloads per month – Tweet this quote

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Russ Henneberry is the Editorial Director at Digital Marketer. He's worked on digital marketing projects for companies like CrazyEgg, and Network Solutions. You can connect with Russ on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or on his blog.


  1. Great article Russ. Where are you getting your wonderful infographs?

  2. Great stuff guys now if podcasting could get the same attention from Google that would be great. I just switched to Android, very dissapointing from a podcasting point of view.

    • Russ Henneberry says:

      Hey, thanks Dan! So true, Google gives no love to podcasting. looks very cool! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I ran an online radio station until late 2009 when we had to close our doors due to the overwhelming power of Pandora / Slacker and growing anxiety over online broadcasting by the mainstream media. In 2005 we predicted the explosion of online radio when/if handheld devices like mp3 players gained wifi access and wireless speeds increased. It’s a tragic area to get into, one slip up and you can be sued for millions of dollars for broadcasting a song, even when you thought you had the right to. Most of your infographic seems to point out that song broadcasting is a good way to go, but the way royalties are processed the artist and songwriter could be ok with it but the production company or record company file a complaint.

    If you’re talking about original content (like podcasting) i would tend to agree that it would be a good tool, unfortunately as Dan points out above there is zero support for this on android, Windows 8 or even blackberry.

    What websites support audio only? I know of soundcloud, but again that’s more of a music service.

  4. Siegfried says:

    I’ve noticed podcasting is getting stronger and stronger. I am not the biggest fan of it because I read very fast and go through the content much faster than when listening…. so for me its wast of time…. unless there is a transcript 😛
    best regards

  5. I’m 80+ episodes into my podcast and it’s become the second largest form of lead generation for my business – after word of mouth.

    I am convinced the real benefit of podcasting is that it shows who you are rather than just tells visitors to your site.

    Successful podcasting has enabled me to drop back a bit on what was a tough blogging regime to just two or three posts a week.

  6. Lee Stevens says:

    Great Article.

    I actually worked for a radio station when I was younger and stupidly gave it all up to go and work for a bank!

    Podcasting allows me to start doing this for my blog for a very low cost. I also am not a naturally talented writer so audio content works for me!

  7. Thanks for facts and figures! Even if things might be a bit different over here in Europe – the trend is you friend…

  8. Hey Android users who love podcasting, have you tried Stitcher? They make it very easy to stream podcasts and create channels based on keywords. My agency helps brands create their own internet radio shows/podcasts and we are seeing big growth in this content channel as well.

  9. Thanx for the info. I been seeing some great numbers including finding new friends, also give me my own “soap box” to talk to the people in my nitch.

    Cyndi is right about stitcher is great but there soo may good apps, I like using Beyond Pod for Android.

    1. download and go no need to have the net with you.
    2. easy to set up and links to all the major podcast serch databases
    3. with another app called presto , I can listen to my show at 2x

    that my 2 cents

  10. Russ: I sure hope it is the next big thing! I’ve released 100+ episodes so there has to be a pay-out soon! :)

  11. Russ, thank you for a great, encouraging article! I’m working on podcast episodes, as well, with a second season now in production. Hope there is a good payout for original content sometime in the near future–for me and everyone else! :)

  12. Hey Russ,

    I just want to say that I use podcast’s all day! I love them, I learn while driving, washing the dishes and all these non-brain needed activities. I work for VoiceBunny a startup that creates podcasts and since then my experience for podcasts has been amazing.


  13. The digital marketing has became the new trend and every now and then peoples want their business online. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Digital marketing is traditional marketing system but is the most effective way to get business.
    thanks for sharing such a new things about it.

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