What Do You Think Of This Macy’s Black Friday Promotion?

by 3 11/23/2012

The majority of Americans are out shopping.

I’m cruising the web analyzing why and how they are shopping.  :)

Let’s take a look at a Black Friday ad on the website of one of America’s largest clothing retailers, Macy’s.

Click to enlarge – I’ve labeled the image below with numbers that correspond with the analysis below

1.  Shipping costs, particularly those that surprise buyers towards the end of online checkout, are among the highest reasons buyers abandon shopping carts.  If free shipping is not an option, flat shipping amounts are the next best thing and they should be displayed early.

2.  The use of the PROMO code “TURKEY” is critical.  It gives Macy’s the ability to track sales back to this ad or promotion.

3.  This section answers the question “How do I get the deal?”  The ad provides the hours “most stores open at midnight” along with a link to check specific store hours.  A link is provided to view the catalog for your local store.   I think one confusing thing about this ad is the “In Store Savings Pass.”   The link took me down a bit of a rabbit hole — I got frustrated before I ever figured out what the “pass” was.

4.  Retailers love the term “Black Friday” because it communicates urgency and scarcity.  The name of the sale infers that these deals are available today but might be gone tomorrow.  Urgency and scarcity cause people to take action.

5.  For those wanting to shop online, the call-to-action is clearly marked “SHOP ONLINE NOW.”

6.  It’s quick and easy to get to deeper pages on the website by accessing a menu of Macy’s most popular categories at the bottom of the ad.

Now, let’s take a look at the mobile version of the promotion.  For customers in their cars, sitting at a cafe having lunch or standing in-store searching for deals, the mobile version will be important.

Macys Black Friday Mobile

1.  The mobile site allows the purchase to be completed through the easy-to-access shopping cart in the upper right hand corner.

2.  The search function is front and center to make it simple for customers to search the site rather than click through multiple links to find what they are looking for.

3.  Many mobile visitors will be completing their purchase online and free shipping is important to communicate to online shoppers.

4.  Big, clear call-to-action.

5.  The promo code “Turkey” appears to allow Macy’s to track the effectiveness of the Black Friday promotion.

6.  The mobile version gives me quick access to all categories while taking up minimal space.

7.  For those accessing the mobile version with the intention of visiting the retail location, there is quick access to store information including locations, hours and phone numbers.

What about you?  What do you that you like or don’t like in this Macy’s Black Friday promotion?


Russ Henneberry is the Editorial Director at Digital Marketer. He's worked on digital marketing projects for companies like CrazyEgg, Salesforce.com and Network Solutions. You can connect with Russ on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or on his blog.

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David Shor

I noted that the promotion is actually different on mobile than on web.

November 23, 2012 Reply


They’re using a similar design for Cyber Monday, but have lowered the free shipping threshold to $75.

November 25, 2012 Reply

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