20 Example Travel Websites That Will Get You Moving

by 8 05/18/2012

Pack your bags.  We are going on vacation.

A well designed travel website will activate the travel bug with vivid imagery and exciting, descriptive copy.  And, it will give the would be traveler all the information they need to arrange their travel plans.

What Should a Travel Website Include?

To make a visitor’s travel planning easy, the ideal travel website could include a mix of the following:

  • High quality photography
  • Brief summary of the area, with highlights of important places
  • Hotel recommendations along with web links to hotel/booking sites
  • Recreation and outdoor activities – parks, sports, water
  • Arts & Culture, including museums, theaters, and places to visit
  • Travel tips
  • Maps and guides
  • Public transport info
  • Airport information
  • Language and local dialect

These elements will vary according to the size and complexity of the website and the destination.

Here are a few great examples of inspirational travel and tourism websites. Some of them are for cities while others are for states, provinces, and countries. Enjoy!


1. Telluride, Colorado

A prominent image gallery does a lot of the selling on the website for Telluride, Colorado.

2. Into Brazil

The website, Into Brazil, aims to create a virtual travel experience to Brazil to explore its tourist sites. The website allows users to create a virtual travel experience to Brazil and explore touristic cities

3. Travel is On

Color-coordinated icons serve as the navigation for this Turkish travel website. This is a breath of fresh air amongst cluttered travel industry websites and allows to easy access to the rest of the site.


4. CookieSound is Traveling

Wonder what it’s like to travel the world for a living? This mother/daughter pair has made a name for themselves doing so, and created a nice compilation of their journey on Cookiesound. From their blog to gallery of snapshots, this website is sure to inspire the traveler in you.

5. Indigenous Tours

Indigenous Tours services India and offers well-planned tour packages to their customers across the world. The site features must-see destinations as well as area attractions, as well as the common ingredients a successful travel website should include.


6. Wheeling Travel

The website for Wheeling Travel creates a personalized experience for those interested in traveling to India and beyond. The scrapbook feel adds to this personal look at a travelers journey.

7. Utah Life Elevated

Photography has the potential to elicit an emotional response, and communicate information quicker than text. Does this photo make you want to travel to this destination?

8. Travel Oregon

It’s true that the photography of a travel website has the ability to draw you in and engage you into an environment. This is no less true for the Travel Oregon website, whose action photography paints a good picture of what you can experience in this region. Hand-drawn type adds to this laid-back, adventurous feel.

9. Australia

The website for Australia is jam-packed with information, yet still manages to create an effective information hierarchy and get you excited about visiting.

10. Live Africa

Live Africa encapsulates the essence of the African Safari experience, down to the textures and colors used throughout the site. The website also serves as an educational tool, allowing interested parties to capture a glimpse of what’s in store before they take their journey to Africa.

11. African Budget Safaris

No frills here, just all the information you’ll need neatly organized in planning your African Safari adventure.

 12. Really Wild Challenges

The gritty, torn photographic treatment adds to the energy and adventure of the Really Wild Challenges website.

13. Hawaiian Islands

Photography can be used to evoke an emotional response and communicated information about the environment one is traveling to. Hawaiian Islands does a good job of breaking down the regions of the state into separate links, which allow you to view relevant imagery and information accordingly.

14. Kosciuszko Alpine Guided Walks

This website plays into both the tranquility and adventure of the National Park through large scale photography.

15. Idaho Adventures in Living

The collage treatment of elements on the Idaho Adventures in Living presents the state in a homey, personalized way. Visitors are given the sense that Idaho is full of natural beauty and worthy of exploring. Their vacation giveaway takes center stage and entices you to enter for a chance to create your own adventure.

16. Washington The State

Washington The State goes heavy on the visuals in showcasing the areas natural beauty in its marketing. The subtle, natural-toned color scheme is sure to appeal to nature-lovers, which is what the site seems to focus most heavily on.

17. Egypt

Egypt’s travel website does a great job at showing how culturally-rich the country is, while providing hopeful tourists the necessary information they’ll need before embarking on their journey. Weather reports and maps are crucial for many travel websites in easing the minds of visitors before they arrive.

 18. Costa Navarino

Travel websites understand how important it is for potential customers to see resorts and rooms before purchasing tickets and traveling there. They know that the customer needs to envision themselves in that hot relaxing place when they book tickets from their cold home in the winter. The website for Costa Navarino takes advantage of this fully.

 19. Global Team Travel

Bright color and action photography engage the viewer on the website for soccer tours.

20. Travel Buzz

The grid-based layout for Travel Buzz allows the traveler to find everything quickly and easily. Large scale, culture-specific photography dominates the page and helps to sell the service.

There you have it!

20 inspirational travel websites to get you thinking about travel website design and possibly — future adventures.

Which one inspires you to travel the most?


Stephanie Hamilton is a Brand Stylist & Web Designer whose passion is helping creative entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups develop memorable and meaningful brand & digital experiences. Visit By Stephanie and let's collaborate to tell your brand's story.

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I’d really like to try Washington myself their newer planes and classes of service look nice-looking good actually.

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Responsive Themes

Nice list of travel web sites. Lots of them are not responsive and mobile optimised!

October 7, 2013 Reply

    Kathryn Aragon

    True, true. But it’s an older article and few people were thinkingk responsive. ;)

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Bronwyn Paxton

One big frustration is confusing navigation or even just finding contact details on travel sites. I simply love inspirational images.

Africa Overland

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THanks for lovely templates,most of them are really usable and easy to cusomize

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