1. WebAndCo says:

    Thank you for this article. I’m ready now to write HTML newsletter. It’s really useful !
    Le Compagnon du Site

  2. Jessica says:

    Thanks for this post! Super informative for the email design n00bz like myself who haven’t made a table in a decade.

  3. Thokozani dlamini says:

    great one…. It is real helpful, now I have clear understanding of newsletters (HTML) cos I’m not a big fun of tables. I used to code for websites in which is (div) driven but now I am doing newsletters and I struggle a lot using tables but with your help life just become more easy and great!!!!!! Thanks a lot.

  4. Thanks a ton dude

  5. extremely useful! thanks a lot! really helped to understand much better how html newsletters work (no CSS!).

  6. WOw! really nice tutorial… Simple language and step by step… thanka a lot!!

  7. Thank you for this awesome tutorial. It really helped me create my first template

  8. alireza Mohagheghi says:

    thank you for this article , i use css and and any you things about web ( Design ) !
    but css code and any other in design ( client side )

    just myNewsletter work in Yahoo mail ,,,,,,,, but in Gmail don’t work :((( ! ! !

    any one : i just test in yahoo mail &&& gmail

    ( Now -> date: 2013 – 30 – sat )

  9. vinod kumar says:

    extremely useful! thanks a lot! really helped to understand much better how html newsletters work

  10. geetanjali says:

    How should I insert this code through new snippet.which is available in gmail compose box. I tried inserting this code but I cant see the images.

  11. slimshades26 says:

    thanks very much for this. it was so helpful to me.

  12. Thanks for this tutorial! Very helpful! :)
    I’ve never coded any e-mails before, and this helped me a lot!

  13. How about using inline CSS rather than tables? Is that acceptable?

  14. Great tutorial, thank you!

  15. Michael says:

    Thank you Kathryn – your article is very helpful. I know that it isn’t new post but in email marketing coding matter changes aren’t so frequent. This raport is complement, up to date of your article: Best Practices for Email Coding

  16. Sadly there was no information on how to actually get the code into an email and get it send…. This would be nice (if the assumption is that the reader is new to all of this).

    • We’re assuming you’ve got the basics down. Besides, it would be different for each email provider. Generally, in the text editor, there’s a tab or link to access the html. And if you wanted to re-use the layout, when selecting your template, there’s usually an option to create your own.

  17. Thanks for the tutorial! Especially the code snippets. If you don’t have the option of including images and need to store them on an external server, do you have a size recommendation? Should they by 600 wide and should you specify the dimensions in the code, or will that get stripped out?

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