1. Great, easy to follow tutorial – it would be good to have a follow-up tutorial for turning it into an html newsletter.

  2. Boost Inspiration says:

    Very nice and to the point.

  3. This tutorial if helpful from a graphic approach misses technical informations about how to properly code and style newsletter.
    I understand that this was not the topic of the article but it gives the illusion to novices (or even worse to clients!) that this is all you need to do to create a newsletter.
    To my mind the difficulty of doing a proper newsletter doesn’t really come from the graphic part but from the coding part which is very specific in the case of newsletter emails.

    • Russ Henneberry says:

      @Herve, good point! I will update the post to reflect this reality. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Herve, My intention was for this to be a two part series. The coding aspect will be covered in the second edition.

      • I’m quite curious about the other part.

        It’s not easy code e-mail newsletter.
        Every mailer or online mailer shows emails differently.

      • Really nice tutorial, but i’m also searching for the coding aspect…. when will you release the second edition? Looking forward to it :)

  4. Anastasia says:

    With all due respect, it’s quite difficult to take seriously a design advise from a website which uses h1 tag for subheads and #bbb for comment styling.

    • Russ Henneberry says:

      @Anastasia — Touche! However, the subheadings on this blog are h2’s. I will darken up the comment styling. Thanks for pointing this out!

  5. Anastasia says:

    Not for the sake of argument at all, just wondering now – why does my firebug says it is h1 – Anyway, your headline and subheads are the same size 36px. I find it extremely difficult to read. Probably because my brain was brought up on magazine articles where correlations between main title, subhead and body text sizes usually have a bulletproof readability…

  6. Anastasia says:

    /really need to read my own comments before sending them out. Sorry about all the mistakes.

  7. Thanks for your information. :)

  8. Plz I rili don’t knw how 2 create links with photoshop for an email newsletter…want 2 design one soon..need some clarity..thanks

  9. Good tutorial. I would love to see your steps or things for making a good email newsletter. But I have noticed that people don’t care about compatibility of email newsletter. One thing I want to say that browser compatibility is the most important things for any email newsletter template. Because as you know, nowadays, technology has developed, people are using email newsletter from different devices as well as different browsers. So if your email newsletter would be compatible for browsers, then you will get more conversions for your business.

  10. Dear mam, its ok, i’m clear but how i can use it any email client or software can you please write about it?

  11. Mahendra says:

    Very nice step by step tutorial .. really help me designing my first newsletter… thanks a lot.. for such a great tutorial…

  12. Nice tips!

  13. Good tutorial, It really helps experienced as well as freshers or new email template designer. Apprize your effort for drafting this blog.

  14. It was really impressive.I would also recommend a worthy feature wherein you can send bulk emails with ‘schedule time’ option.

  15. Thanks! This was really helpful, especially for a beginner like me. Two questions:
    1. Is there a truly reliable open source alternative to PhotoShop that you would recommend, among the several software one can find browsing the web?
    2. I’ve been trying a drag&drop email builder, MailStyler ( that allows to create great HTML templates without coding. It seems amazing to me, but before buying it – have you tried it? Would you recommend it?
    Thanks so much

    • Hi Steve. Glad you found it helpful! Stephanie may have something more to add, but here are my thoughts. There are alternatives to PhotoShop, but I never find them satisfactory. You might try PhotoShop Online Free. As for MailStyler, I’ve never used it, so I can’t give a good recommendation. Hopefully another reader will add their two cents. Best of luck, and thanks for stopping by.

  16. nice example……thanks

  17. I have a question: Why do you say at the beginning that you should make the e-mail 600 dpi width, and then the very next thing you do is create a file that’s 800 dpi? What happened to 600 dpi?

  18. Nice tutorail, Very easy to follow step by step guide from start to end.

  19. I’m trying to setup a newsletter for my website. Can anybody help me via email? derek [at] theparentteam [dot] com Thanks in advance.

  20. A great follow up to this would be what’s allowed in an email.I think newsletter is a good addition to other social media channels.

  21. Hello, thank you for sharing.
    Do you have a similar template for InDesign? Why did you pick Photoshop for this project, any specific reason?

  22. online news are way to people aware for everyday updates, daily news and etc.Thanks for making this useful contents

  23. I’m so glad that I found this article! Last month I decided to try free trial version of GetResponse platform but I still need more practice to be a professional email marketer. Now I feel much more confident in it!

  24. I edit/manage a dinosaur PRINT newsletter. I want to take it into this century and realize after reading your article I am a kindergartener in the digital world.
    Enjoyed the help and look forward to learning more.

  25. Rabab almasri says:

    It’s amazing.. i need this thing in my work ☺

  26. Geate work. i want a quick mailer article and i got this, Thanks a lot.

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